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Kumar Jyotir Bhushan Pratap Singh

Kumar Jyoti Bhushan Pratap Singh was Grandson of Rani Dhanrajkunwar Devi and was born in Ranimahal on 9th January 1940. A Law College on the name of kumar sahab is established in his birth place Rani Mahal. His father Rudhrasharan Pratap Singh was Jamindar of Uprora Who was sarwarakar of Korba Jamindari too. His mother Bhogyavati Devi was the only child (dauaghter) of Rani Dhanrajkunwar Devi. Korba jamindari was spread in 856 square miles and Uprora jamindari was about 446 square miles. Being the only owner of Both Jamindari Kumar saheb was very simple and of helpful nature. He studied upto senior Cambridge from Rajkumar College Raipur and further studied in Robertson College Jabalpur and graduated from CMD College, Bilaspur. His hobbies were hunting, swimming and sports. He also won prizes for the same. He was the member of declaration committee of Kamla Nehru College Committee. Ranimahal was donated to Committee by Kumar saheb to fulfill the wish of his grandmother (Nani Maa) Rani Dhanrajkunwar Devi. He was lifetime member and chairman for three years of the Kamla Nehru College committee. He died on 17th Janaury 2001 in Raipur.