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“Ignoratia juris non execute” means ignorance of Law is no excuse. To make people of Korba a scheduled District legally literate on 01 Sept 2006 on Friday this Jyoti Bhushan Pratap Singh Law College was established. It was the time when the students have to migrate nearby District to take Degree of Law, Where they faced lot of problems. Parent who were afraid to send their girl child and cannot send their child away from home due to other reason and Poor parent who have problem of finance.  To solve the problem and to provide quality legal education to the students this college was started with only 80 Student today there are more than 200. Student of this college are serving the nation in judiciary and related field and some are also in abroad. I welcome your decision to take admission in this college and promise to give all legal support to students. I also dedicated to make society to run by rule of law.



Dr.Kiran Chouhan


JBPS Law College Korba